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Hailing from Los Angeles California, famed veteran X-Sinner lead vocalist Rex
Scott's new band the GX Project (GX) has released their third album with
2015's '
Raze Some Hell' to critical acclaim and fan approval. Each independent
limited edition release has sold out. The band has played some select dates in
Europe and Canada and continues to grow it's fledgling but fierce fan base as
word of mouth continues to spread. The thousands of 'likes' X-Sinner has on
Face book have already begun to transfer over to this new group as GX's
awareness in the public eye becomes more known worldwide. Famed
producer/player Glenn Thomas from Newfoundland Canada makes up the 'G' in
GX  and together with Rex combine to be a rock n roll force to reckon with.
2013 Bite Stick
2014 Sinner
2015 Raze Some Hell
Tricky Little Devil from 'Bite Stick'