From the opening plugging in amp buzz and Rex’s giggling whisper to the band of ‘let’s turn it up’, the new
GX Project debut “Bite Stick” delivers a very powerful onslaught of power metal of the tastiest kind. Top
notch production is the result of the albums multi talented producer and co-performer Glenn Thomas, the ’
G’ portion of GX. Rex Scott (of X-Sinner fame) is the ’X’ factor in this sonic assault and his trademark vocal
rasp is solidly stamped all over the project along with his bone crunching rhythm guitar playing. The group
opens the album declaring they like it loud and encourages the listener to turn it up. The first song has
some Cult flavor to it and is hook laden. They then rip into ‘Waitin On J.C.’ a kind of ‘Sister Christian’
(Night Ranger) lyrical approach with a full on AC/DC feel. Rex screams ’she likes rock, she likes goth, she
likes her makeup black. She gotta tattoo of a cross right across her back’ and the refrain goes on to say
‘she got a lock on her heart I can see, she won’t let go or give in - she lets it be, she’s telling me she’s
waiting on - waitin on J.C.’. the song is pedal to the metal from beginning to end and doesn’t let up. They
change pace just a touch and plod into the third infectious track ‘Tricky Little Devil’ (AC/DC WISHES they
wrote this one) as Rex delivers a top notch lyric and vocal delivery here. This song is so good it could be a
number one hit in almost any rock market, mainstream or otherwise. Glenn’s soloing histronics are
delivered with much skill and feel here and really on every song and sometimes sounds like Eddie Van
Halen’s little brother. The boys aren’t afraid to take shots at the religious and nonreligious and blast away
at modern Christians in ’Angry Eyes’ with a explosive two guitar rhythm assault that hooks the listener
immediately. The verses sound very Def Leppard ‘High & Dry’ era-like and crank. They waste no time by
switching musical direction as they ease into “Love I.V.’ with Rex talking the intro. He sings about
televangelists waving that book around on his TV and how instead ’we need a love i.v. 'Hook it up stat and
don’t ever look back, we need a love i.v.’. Again the hooks are in abundance. Almost every song on this
album could be considered as a single which is ridiculous in this day and age considering one is lucky to
get a couple great tunes off of any modern day release. The next song is the slower and darker ‘OMG’
where Rex takes modern day Christianity to task about their oftentimes over simplistic formulaic
conversion tactics. This song pulverizes the listener with slow pounding chord blasts and Glenn’s solo
once again does not disappoint with a bluesy grind that is loaded with feel. Up next is the full on blues
number ‘Get Me Outa This Hell’ which deals with the despair of the age as seen through the eyes of the
average person on the street or sometimes in the church. A very moving number with great lyrics. Then
the despair gives way to a need for love in ‘Gotta Get Some Love’, a very upbeat and somewhat humorous
look at our need for love. This is another rock hit with infectious hooks and great lyrics. Glenn ‘Van Halen’
lets it blast on this one during the solo. Another fun song follows called ’Long Way Down’ with a top notch
Angus-like opening riff. The guitar tones are so clean and upfront on the entire album but are especially
showcased here. Things change to a darker slower mood on ’Bite The Hand That Feeds’ that gives a
lesson on excellent melodic rock writing. Rex sings ’you see the same cross on every corner but inside
each speak a different warning, you don’t agree with what you fear. Don’t take an expert or a saint to see
a problem with what they paint - a house divided will always fall’. The guitar work on this song is superb. It’
s very bluesy yet driving. The album ends with ‘Soul Stealer’, a very heavy up tempo driver reminiscent of
‘Let There Be Rock’ by AC/DC. To sum this project up I would have to say if you love straight ahead well
produced hook laden rock you will love this album. Rex’s lyrics and vocal prowess are some of the best he
has done. Combine that with Glenn’s over the top guitar playing and his mixing skills this album should do
very well indeed and is a pleaser on many levels.

By B. Hanson     5 out of 5
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Buyers Comments

"Outstanding!!! Can't believe how good
this cd is!!!" (recent ebay buyer)

"Love the new CD! This will be getting
played alot at my house." (Stephen in N.

"The CD of The GX Project is well
arrived on my address without any
problem. I’ve heard it many times and it
is terrificly good. Congratulations and
hope to see you on stage as soon as
possible." (Chris in Belgium)

"I am loving the new GX Project. Rex's
vocals reminds me of Bon Scott era
AC/DC and the guitar work reminds me
of current AC/DC." (Michael in Canada)

"The GX Project cd is awesome! Can't
stop playing it!" (John in Minnesota)

"I got your CD today in the mail.  It's
awesome!!!  You got to market this CD
to the right crowd." (Burt in Hawaii)
The new GX album ‘Sinner’ came with high expectations since
their debut ‘Bite Stick’ was so good. Surprisingly, this album
takes GX to another level and that level is a fun one. Once again
the boys kick out a superb effort with no real ‘filler’ material and
deliver a boogie woogie rock and roll effort that is simply top
notch. Rex showcases his Bon-like lower register vocal
capabilities more on this one than the debut but also has no
problem kicking in the high octane upper register rasp he has
also become known for over the years. The production values
have also increased a notch as mixer Glenn Thomas has
seemed to push the edge with more biting guitars and a ‘in your
face’ rhythm section. The tones are excellent throughout. From
the first cut ‘Satisfaction’ this album delivers. Rex has the
audacity to claim ‘satisfaction is guaranteed’ and proceeds to
follow through on that promise with a blues based rock onslaught
second to none.  They then blast into ‘Rock N Roll Soul’ a
straight up fun rock n roll tune with driving Chuck Berry-like
guitar chops and classic riffs. The chorus is infectious.They don’t
slow down but get a bit more serious on the next song ’You Can’t’
which starts with some rhythmic subdued bluesy guitar plucking
and then comes in full on like a ton of lead. The raunchy verse
chord thrusts deliver a great AC/DC vibe they use consistently as
a musical foundation to deliver a very powerful declaration to the
self righteous. The lyrics are potent , accusatory and thoughtful.
They then jump right back into their ‘good time rock n roll’ vibe
with ’Get Some’ with once again driving guitar chord thrusts and
gang style background vocals that provide a great hook as Rex
demands he's 'gonna get some rock n roli' urging the listener to
come along and do the same. Next up is ‘She Goes All Night’ that
keeps the pace up and the fun rolling along. The boys are intent
on keeping it fun and entertaining on this one I can tell. I heard
the video may have Rex trying to keep up with a 3 year old that
‘goes all night’ and wears him out as a sarcastic treatment to
what the over religious may have thought what this song was
possibly about. The simply stellar ‘I Sell Love’ comes next and
pounds you into the ground. Reminiscent of the great written
songs on ‘Bite Stick’ like ‘Tricky Little Devil’ and ‘Love I.V.’, ‘Sell’
comes off huge and unrelenting. Again Scott burns modern
Protestantism media techniques like ‘begging for cash’ on T.V.
and emphasizes love as his way of choice and by the end of the
song the listener can’t help but buy what Rex is selling. This song
has got to be one of the planned singles for release because of
how well it delivers. Rex (Bon) Scott is all over this one. Without
catching a breath they rip into the more grungy ‘Tear It Up’ with
non-stop power. This up-tempo song is another hook laden
rocker and Rex and Glenn take turns on the guitar solo with Rex
taking off on the first half and Glenn the second half and
finishing it with fire. The listener then finally gets a chance to
catch their breath on the next slower title cut ‘Sinner’. This is a
haunting and convicting  driver with great background
harmonies. The entire effort showcases more background
singing than ‘Bite Stick’ had and it adds a nice color to everything
on this album. It reminds me of X-Sinner’s ‘Peace Treaty’ album
at times with the more produced background vocals but with
better overall rock production than Pakaderm could deliver.  The
song has a bit of a Dokken feel to it and Rex plays the guitar
solo, something he also does more of on this album. Glenn, as
usual, holds down most of the soloing chores and delivers some
of the great chops he's now known for. Once the slower paced
song is over the band is right back at the attack with ‘Get You
High’ and it’s anthemic choruses.  Rex’s lyrics are excellent and
always filled with double meanings. One could interpret the song
as a modern day version of Jesus stating how his love will ‘get
you high’ (to heaven) or just Rex plainly saying it about his own
love or both. He plays the lyrical double intende’ consistently
throughout this album and carries it into the next slower tune ‘All
About You’ where he could be singing from God’s perspective
about the listener’s love growing cold or some actual past
experience Rex or the listener has had themselves. You have to
love that. He doesn’t mince words and it is very thought
provoking while at the same time offering several possible
meanings in one sentence, an art form in it‘s own right.. ‘Don’t
Come Cheap’ is next and is another ‘hit single’ caliber song.
Huge hooky choruses make the tune unique. It sounds like a
choir was brought in to do backup vocals on this Stones-like
rocker and adds yet another dimension to the cut  The first
single of the album ’Train Wreck’ follows and blasts old school
rock from beginning to end without letting up. Train horns and
bells can be heard in the background and this song hits you like
a train literally. They end the thirteen song recording with
another darker yet up-tempo blaster like ’Soul Stealer’ was on
’Bite Stick’ called ’Living Dead’ a stunner to say the least. The
intro reminds me of Kings X or Rush but it doesn’t last long as
the band kicks into high gear with a full on metal assault. Rex’s
guitar solo is top notch and Glenn comes soloing in on the end
with his wa wa pedal in full throttle to add the final histrionic
blasts. This sonic assault is a great ending to a great rock and
roll album.  To summarize I’d have to say if you are into top notch
true rock and roll from the boogie woogie school of hard rock
this record is for you. It has everything from great production to
infectious tunes to great lyrics and playing. This album is as
good or better than any of the band’s mainstream counterparts.
How GX will top these first two albums I have no idea but in the
meantime I will be savoring every bite of them again and again
until then.

By B. Hanson  5 out of 5  
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I eagerly opened my promo copy of the new GX album ‘Sinner’ wondering if the boys could keep
up with their potent debut album ‘Bite Stick’ in any way, shape or form. Boy, was I pleasantly
surprised! From the opening Malcolm Young-like guitar blasts my head was already banging
and my feet were stomping. Rex sounding like Bon Scott resurrected more than ever eases into
the first verse stating ‘I’m gonna take you to heaven, we’re gonna raze some hell…....I’m gonna
light your fire….like I’m ringing a bell!’ and then the entire band storms in with a nuclear blast
chorus on ‘Satisfaction’ the album opener.  The song is very powerful and caused me whiplash
from excessive head banging Angus style all the way through.  They waste no time and dive
right into ‘Rock n Roll Soul’ another up-tempo rocker. This would be a great song to be cruising
to.  The final driving chorus is simply awesome as they show they can slam with driving power
like a sonic hammer. Keeping the tempo up but the subject matter more serious, they ease into ’
You Can’t’ with both guitars plucking a Angus-y bluesy riff at the beginning.  The actual song
explodes in with fury and eases up once the first verse starts. Ramming AC/DC-like guitar chord
blasts lead Rex into the verse singing ’ you know Latin, you quote the Greek …but your speakin’
Greek to me. A hard head and a harder heart but ya’ think you see’ . The backing vocals are
huge on this one and the chorus is infectious because of it. Jumping right back into the fun
mode they ease into ‘Gotta Get Some’ with this time gravel voice Rex making an appearance. It
sounds like he really does gargle with glass like is rumored on this one and it’s great. The
hooky chorus of ‘gotta get some…rock n roll’ is anthemic and unrelenting. They plow right into
‘She Goes All Night’ with cool guitar runs. This tongue and cheek rocker is nothing but fun. Rex
takes the bluesy guitar solo on this one and it swaggers. He then switches it up to a wah wah
pedal guitar on the final driving chorus of the song. This one has a touch of a Cult feel to it,
something the band showed on their first album ‘Bite Stick’ as well. All of the guys influences are
heard once again on this album from AC/DC and the Cult to Foghat and the Rolling Stones and
beyond. It is true rock n roll at it’s finest. Next up is ‘I Sell Love’ which slams in with authority and
then hooks you with ‘Footloose-like’ boogie woogie guitar riffs. The song is a steam roller and
you best get out of the way. Rex (Bon) Scott reappears on this track and his treatment and
lyrics are simply top notch.  ‘Tear It Up’ is next and finds the band still kicking it out at driving
speed. This one comes off with more throaty guitar tones and invites the listener to ‘tear it up’
with these none stop rockers. I was FINALLY able to catch my breath as the next song, the title
track eases in. “Sinner’ is a haunting  slower paced yet driving  masterpiece. It lyrically flips the
table on who the real ‘sinners’ are in this day and age in Rex’s eyes. He also provides a moving
melodic guitar solo on this one. Everything is so upfront and in your face sonically speaking on
this project. Co-producer and mixer Glenn Thomas has taken GX’s sound to a whole new level.
More background vocals at times and at just the right spots adds a depth that ‘Bite Stick’ didn’t
have. The band wastes no time and jumps right back into their ‘good time’ mode with ‘Get You
High’. I’m convinced after hearing the great lyrics and seeing the song titles, that Rex is trying to
bait the religious at every turn, testing over judgmental hearts much in the same manor that
someone else in history also did very well two thousand years ago. This song rocks and is hook
laden. Next up is ’All About You’ just the second of the only two ’slower’ tunes on the entire
album. Even though it is a tad slower it is still a driver. Glenn does an excellent job handling the
bulk of the guitar solos on this album but Rex shines at times here too and solos more than he
did on ’Bite Stick’. I have to comment on the way all the songs end on this album. Other than a
couple slamming endings, the boys have really played it natural here and simply end the song
when it seems right….sometimes with laughter in the background and sometimes with just a
held guitar chord or a bass note….there are no fade outs here and it gives a very loose and
relaxed feel to the entire project as if they were having too much fun to plan out precise endings
for every single song.  ’Don’t Come Cheap’ is up next and is the best Rolling Stones song I’ve
heard in decades. Had the Stones tracked this it would probably be a mega hit. Again, great
hooks and huge background vocals dominate. The first single ‘Train Wreck’ is next and you can
see why it was picked. It’s a wild train ride from beginning to end.  The final song of this thirteen
song offering is ‘Living Dead’ that starts slow and plodding but kicks into high gear almost
immediately. This is unrelenting metal at it’s best. By the time the last wah wah histrionics has
blasted, the listener is left thoroughly pounded into the ground. A great album ender just as
there was on ‘Bite Stick’. The boys did good and delivered on their opening song promise
chorus of ‘satisfaction guaranteed’. I liked this album A LOT. I didn’t think ‘Bite Stick’ could be
topped but I’m having second thoughts now. Take in the fact that NONE of this band’s
counterparts are putting out new stuff, let alone anything this powerful, leads me to think that
this album should do very, very well indeed.

Andrew Langston
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