Rex Scott The Interview 2014 (part 1) Behind the making of 'Sinner'

How’s Rex doing these days and what have you been up to?

Rex: ’I’ve been doing pretty good. I’ve been busy recording the new GX
album ’Sinner’ all winter. We just shot the first video for the first song that’s
being released ‘Train Wreck’. I don’t like the word ‘single’ but it is kind of
like a single I guess.  We’ve been anxious to get it into the hands of the
public.  The first GX album ‘Bite Stick’ got a really good reception that we
knew we would have to follow it up with another strong effort and we think
we’ve accomplished that. All the buyers feedback has been very positive ‘

What’s GX’s plans for the near future?

Rex: ‘After the video is released we will be discussing which song we may
want to do another video for. We had the opportunity last year performing
in Europe and Canada a few times as well as here in the U.S. so it would be
enjoyable to secure some more live dates as ’X-Sinner featuring GX’. We
don’t take on extended full tours anymore, haven’t for quite some time, but
we still like to get out and shake it loose when we can. (laughs) X-Sinner
recording has become a very part time thing allowing me to have more time
for GX stuff. Greg the founder of X-Sinner is not into recording entire
albums at a time anymore because they are expensive and a lot of work so
we do them a song at a time here and there to release them digitally on
places like i -Tunes and such. I enjoy working and writing with Glenn
Thomas in GX a lot so that takes up most of my time now a days.’

What’s your approach lyrically to your music?

Rex: ‘Being a music artist and performer I see myself as an entertainer first
and foremost. I take that seriously and try to be the most entertaining I can
be lyrically and performance wise. Whether I’m on a stage or in a recording
studio I’m always thinking how to make what I’m creating entertaining,
whether it’s a cooler way to state something in a lyric line or a cooler way to
play a riff, I’m always striving for that. I’m not a preacher although I do get
preachy at times (laughs) . There’s always that few that want me to be a
preacher all the time. They want me to shove the gospel down peoples
throats 24/7. They want it all ’turn or burn’ lyrically. I simply refuse to write
like that. My thinking and belief has evolved so far past that kind of thinking
there is no way I could write like that. In actuality, when I do get ’preachy’ it’s
typically at those very types of narrow minded people. Jesus would have a
field day today addressing these modern day pharisees as they are
everywhere and in abundance. But of course just like the pharisees of
Jesus’ day, they never see themselves as such.  So, I write about that too.  
And even though my lyrics are pretty pointed at times, most never apply
them to themselves and never ‘get it‘. Again, just like the pharisees.  One of
the modern day justifications they use is ’they have been saved’ which is no
different than the pharisees saying ‘but we follow the laws of Moses’ and to
them instantly means they know a lot and can’t be deceived by their own
selfishness and judgementalism.  They then go on to wrongly judge all
music acts that don’t meet their narrow criteria as ‘cowards’ or ‘unbold’. That
is such immature theological thinking. It’s the same thinking that killed
Jesus and those that claim to follow him would be the very ones killing him
today even though they would never see that. I have no time for it. All the
other 'christian' bands  (they call themselves that, I don't ) all sing about the
same things. I however do not. I'm pretty much the lone voice saying what I
say and how I say it.’

Do you consider GX a Christian band then?

Rex: ‘Not really, how can I?. Even though I sing about issues pertaining to
christianity like hypocrisy. We plainly state at the top of our Facebook page
we are a mainstream act. I have a huge problem with calling things ’
christian’. That’s another problem with modern day christianity. It’s like a big
giant christian ’club’ and they want to label everything either as christian or
unchristian to feel good or safe about something.  Christianity is not ‘safe’.
Life nor God is simply that easily labeled or understood.  They’ve reduced
everything down into a simplistic christian formula. The danger of this kind
of thinking is that nothing is true or worth anything outside of the christian
sphere, which is ridiculous. If God is the author of truth, truth is truth no
matter where you find it and only looking for it in a safe christian bubble is
not how you find it. I wrote about that in the song ‘OMG’ on the ‘Bite Stick’
album. I also write about that on the new album too. I try to break the label
boundaries with my lyrics by writing songs that EVERYONE can enjoy and
hopefully take a little something good away from the songs while being
pleasantly entertained at the same time. Imagine that, songs that christians
and non-christians can relate to and may even lead to the two getting a concept! (laughs) We kept it a lot more fun on the
new one and only get relatively serious on a couple of the songs.’

Can you define this 'fun' more completely?

Rex: 'Real rock n roll music in general is a fun, good times kinda thing. I'm
not referring to rock music as a whole but a very specific genre within the
huge realm of rock music. 'Rock N Roll' is just one of them. It's a very
powerful medium. It goes great with good time lyrics although one does not
have to stick just to that vibe. We wanted the listeners to experience an
element of fun and be entertained when they hear our stuff, a kind of 'can't
everybody just lighten up a bit?' vibe. That's why I only get really serious on
only a couple of the songs. I make my point and move on. The song 'Train
Wreck is a good example. The song is primarily about us traveling to Zurich
to perform and we had a rough ending on one of the songs that we played.
It comicly became known as the train wreck ending within the band. The
audience couldn't really tell but we knew what broke down on that ending.
We laughed about it then and still do. I also see much of modern
christianity in a mess so to me that is a 'train wreck' also. It has inuendos
here and there in the lyrics but it's mostly just another fun song about us
performing. Greg the lead guitarist was supposed to lead us into the final
ending crescendo with a particular riff...well, he decided to cut it short and
thus the wreck ending snowballed from there. The lyric says 'the engineer
bailed five miles back, now we're gonna burn' (laughs) So it's a great song
about really nothing very important. (laughs) Or is it?' (laughs again) Most
of today's christianity have reduced the faith to a 'message'. It's all about
'preaching', 'being bold', 'getting the message out' through their albums
and electronic media. Real chrisitanity is about LIVING it - it's not simply
about telling as many people as you can about it. You have to live it and the
definition of living it is loving one another as yourself. It is an intimate faith
that requires constant interaction of loving non-christian people.But instead,
we've made it into a huge public spectacle where 'telling' the message and
throwing Bibles around has been accepted as the definition of spreading
the faith.That is wrong. If your only interacting everyday with people of the
faith (and I don't just mean working with someone at your job) then your
part of the christian club and not a real christian by Jesus's own definition.'

What's with the title for the new GX album 'Sinner'?

Rex: 'Well, the way I write lyrics I know that the pharisees out there may be
offended and not understand and label me as 'unchristian' or not christian
enough - whatever, which is the same as calling me sinner. I decided to
save them the time and declare it for them in the title. (laughs) The song
itself is about taking the plank out of your own eye before trying to get the
speck out of mine. We decided to use the X-Sinner band logo type style for
the cover as an obvious tie-in since I'm in that band also as both bands
plow ahead with power and purpose (the charging train).'

Do you read your own press or reviews?

Rex: 'Not really. Every once in a great while I'll read an article or review but
not very often. When 'Bite Stick' came out one reviewer compared us to
Whitecross and Bride which we sound nothing like. Don't get me wrong, I
respect those bands but we do not sound even close to them in any way.
Once I read that sentence I stopped reading the rest of the review. I value
my and Glenn's opinions more about what were doing than anyone else. I'll
sometimes bounce riffs and things off of X-Sinner's founder Greg Bishop
who's opinion I also respect alot but to take any critic or reviewer seriously
is something I stopped doing long ago. It's a waste of time. What the fans
who buy our stuff say is more important to us than any reviewer'.