Rex and Oz Fox from Stryper at
Cornerstone 07
Rex with Penny looking over his shoulder
backstage at Cornerstone tuning guitars right
before going on stage. Rob is in the lower left
getting his bass out and Mark Welling from
Bloodgood is standing behind him.
X-Sinner with long time fan Terry Kline (center).from L to R: Penny, Mike,
Rob, Terry, Rex & Thom (filling in for Greg Bishop live at the time)
Photo Journal of past tours including the Peace Treaty, Fire It
Up and the most recent
World Covered In Blood tour!
Dressing room in
Switzerland 2010
All the bands signed this poster
Greg outside a rural village in Switzerland
Mike and Jonah in the Zurich airport
Cornerstone Fest 2007.......the Fire It Up tour
Rex and Greg in Montreal 2010 with a new friend
Mike and Greg on the plane
from Montreal 2010
Live April 2010
Quebec July 2010
Rex and Jonah Live 2010
Rex and Jonah in Montreal '10
Mike 2010 opening for Warrant in California
Dressing room in
Quebec 2010
Rex on the World Covered In Blood Tour '10
HM magazine stage "old school metal night" got
a lesson: Hard Rock 101- taught by X-Sinner!
Greg and Jonah signing autographs at
the t-shirt table in Germany after the
show Sept 2010
Germany 2010
Greg & Rex with Stefan Wendle - a writer for the
German zine Metal Obsession
Greg and Rex in Germany 2010
Rex and Rex Carroll in Germany 2010
Rex (above) & Jonah (left) take a moment for a
pic with old friends Les & Mike from Bloodgood
at Cornerstone 07' in IL before the show.
Factoid: Rex toured with Bloodgood on the
Detonation tour as a sound engineer to help
them out of a bind when their soundman quit
the tour.
Soundcheck in Europe 2010
Greg on the Canada Tour 2011
Dan McCabe of Daniel Band
on         the Canada Tour 2011
Rex and Jonah during a soundcheck
in                      Canada 2011