X-Sinner's wall of Marshall amps at their
top secret rehearsal space studio
The boys clowning around for the camera at
rehearsal in their secret batcave studio
Rex's sister Penny the background
singer at a pre-Cornerstone '07
rehearsal in the secret bat cave!
Mike early 2006 in the bat cave 1.0
Greg and Rob World Covered In Blood
photo shoot 2008 in the studio.
"Goin Out With A Bang" The band's to be next and final album plans
have changed. Lead guitarist and founding member Greg Bishop has
retired from the band and the remaining members have went their
separate ways. Singer Rex Scott is now concentrating his efforts in his
side band the GX Project (GX). The band's third album "Raze Some Hell"
was released June 2015 and the group is continuing work on their forth
album ' Devil Lover' in 2017.  
Live 2009
Jonah and Rex live Aug '09
Quebec July 2010
Quebec July 2010
Rooftop pic of the making of the music
video for World Covered In Blood!
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Canada Tour 2011 pics
Switzerland videos
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