2003 X-Sinner Presents The
Angry Einsteins
A full length fully produced experimental
rock album created by the band while
waiting to be contractually released from
Pakaderm Records. The band could not
record as X-Sinner until released so
they made this recording as The Angry
Einsteins in the meantime. This is Rex
and Greg's favorite album.
2006 Fire It Up
Retracked and remastered versions of
Peace Treaty songs and a bonus of a  
brand new song as the title cut. Songs
Peer Pressure and Fire It Up have re-
charted to number one on various charts
including college radio in 2007!
"Recording the Einstein project
was the most fun I'd had in the
studio up until that time we went
and took two years to record
and mix it. We were like mad
scientists in the studio -hence
the name "Einsteins". I really
love this record. I think the
songs are very powerful. We
did venture from our traditional
style as an experiment of sorts
since we couldn't track as
X-Sinner until Pakaderm
released us from our contract.
Once that was out of our
system we got the bug to get
back to our roots and put out
another real X-Sinner album
and that's where our newest
projects 'Fire It Up' & 'World
Covered In Blood' led us."

Rex Scott quoted in 2009
2007 Loud And Proud 2.0
Another limited edition! Remastered
and with new artwork plus two Einstein
songs added! (see Loud & Proud 1.0
above for more content details)
2009  World Covered In Blood
Critically acclaimed high octane rock n roll that's raw
and to the point. This album re-established the band's
powerful sound they have always been known for live.
11 all new titles include: Storm On The Horizon, Back
In Red, That Ain't Me, Who's Your Friend, What Rock
Is For, World Covered In Blood and more!
Image Records
1989 Get It
1991 Peace Treaty
2001 Loud And Proud
Demo's from the X-Sinner vault
including early versions of Get It
tunes and pre-production
versions of songs from Peace
Treaty and songs like "Last Call"
that would have been on
X-Sinner's third album that never
happened with Pakaderm
Records due to the band
deciding to leave the label.
Original album art for
Peace Treaty proposed
by the band but rejected
by label execs for being
"too radical". Released
on Pakaderm/Word
records and also had
three number one
singles and five top ten
Released on A&M records and on
Pakaderm/Word records. Nominated
for a Dove award (not that the band
really cares about such things) and
had three number one singles and five
top ten singles.
Our first three releases are out of
print and hard copies are currently
only available at places like
(click on the word eBay)
downloads are available on this site
from the Nimbit box at the top of
this page or from places like
i-Tunes, Rhapsody Music, Sony
Connect etc.
Rex Scott Angry Einstein
publicity photo
comeback album from one of the genre's
premier bands revisits Peace Treaty in style,
but without  the Elephante brothers' slick
production values. X-Sinner has always
eschewed the hair metal movement, choosing
to punch out the stripped down, raw and dirty
minimalist bar band blues metal that AC/DC
has made world famous instead...Rex Scott
brought  more Pyromania era Def Leppard to
the table on Peace Treaty while on World
Covered In Blood Rex's vocal acrobatics vary
between Brian Johnson's razor blade growl
and John Gallagher (UK's Raven) high-pitched
histronics. The almost live feel of the album
really enhances the layers of killer
guitars...The choice of  decent album art over
a band photo, and relevant and provocative
lyrics tops off this skull rattler. "That Ain't Me"
and "What Rock Is For" are stand out cuts,
while Rex"Bon" Scott makes an appearance
on the title track."
Heaven's Metal Magazine

Here's some samples of the emails we are getting
about World Covered In Blood:

“Just wanted to let you know that last week I got           
World Covered In Blood from Nimbit and it's quickly
become my favorite CD. As a matter of fact, I believe
it's the best in your catalog (and that's saying
something.)  Once again, thanks for such an awesome
Mark in NC

“Hey guys, just wanted to say great album, I got the
download but I am also going to get the hardcopy too.
Thanks for the new stuff I hope there will be many
Greg in WA

"Hi Guys, the WCIB Album is great! As a listener since
"Get it" I am happy that X-Sinner is more active now ;-).
I am just wondering, whether you will be coming over to
Europe once or not... Would be great (e.g Switzerland,
like Glenn Kaiser and REZ in the past, or Larry
Norman, Stryper, Petra and all the others."
Pascal in

"Love the new CD, got it yesterday. Even better than I
expected (and I expected it to be great!) Thanks"
Jason in San Diego

"Hard rockin', gritty, raw, screaming, fierce, in your
face, anthemic, blistering, sonic boom, head banging
against the wall!! This disc has it all!!! Bravo!!
Comeback of the year!!"
Gary in MI
AC/DC's new album has been released – only it’s name is
not “Black Ice“, but "World Covered In Blood“.
Musik An
Sich magazine/webzine
 Berlin, Germany
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2015  Goin Out With A Bang
The next digital only project to be released one
or two songs at a time as singles in a spaced
out manor. Titles will include : Lightning Strikes
Twice, Goin Out With A Bang, and more! To be
released digitally song by song starting in 2015
or when the band sees fit.
Image Records

(the band has officially retired from recording
and releasing entire CD albums due to illegal
downloading and the lost revenue associated
with it that makes recording entire albums
X-Sinner Discography