Rex approving of the guitar rack
The Marshall cabs used in the making of
Peace Treaty
Dino Elephante, Mike Mierau and Greg
laying down guitar parts (1991)
Rex and Mike having another coffee
Greg and Dino recording vintage guitar
tones for another track
Mike all miked up and ready to roll!
Rob showing his love for Pakaderm
Rob pointing to Get It on the Pakaderm wall
Official Peace Treaty Tour press kit glossy
circa 1991/92
Rex imitating the Pakaderm logo
The Making Of Peace Treaty and more...
X-Sinner photos
Rex, Mike and Greg taking a break from
recording in Pakaderm's lounge 1991
Rob and Mike laying down the bass
and drums for the album
Greg  overlooking the Neve console while
recording guitar parts
Rex & Mike on the Fire It Up tour 2007
Jonah, Rex & Mike on the final show of the Fire It Up tour '07
opening for Starship (vocalist Mickey Thomas was one of Rex's
rock heros)
Sea World in Orlando show
Live and well Aug 2009
Jonah Lewis Live '09