Rex today still belting it out
Rex in 1992 on the Peace Treaty tour
Mike Mierau our mastering
engineer in his mastering lab
Lots o' Marshalls needed to get that
Rex singing & tired at 2am
Rob laying down the thunder
Take #182! "this time scream like you
Jonah (r) drops by to listen to some of
the new guitar tracks and tells Greg
(L) that he approves.
circa 1989/90
Home for +2 years!!
Thom & Greg discussing solos
3 studio vampires take a break
to check out the light of day!
Actual screen shot of the track layout
for the mix of the song World Covered
In Blood
Greg laying down guitar tracks
Just some of the gear used in the
Avalon SP737 class A preamps
Marshall 100 & 50 watt heads
Ampeg SVT bass amps
Various vintage Marshall cabs
Gibson, Gretsch, Fender,
Washburn, ESP, Stallings &
Zion custom guitars and basses
Trident mixing console
Cubase SX software
BFD drum software for timing
manipulation via midi
Audio Technica, Sennhieser,
Nuemann, Shure & Rhodes mics
Sonor & Ludwig drums & Zildjian
Yamaha & Roland electric drum
kits for additional percussion
Lexicon digital reverbs and
Samplitude software
Teac 2 inch tape machine
Rex w/ custom Stallings
semi-hollow body
The lead singer's work area
Rex tracking his parts
while watching the sound